From CSL to SCL

It occurs to me that this may be THE key to agency. It is the students learning- after they become curious about something – let them question it, direct it, wonder and collaborate, then share and be proud of it! Whether we are parents or teachers, let’s not get in their way!


We need more acronyms in education don’t you think!?!?! IEP, CEA, PBL…the list goes on. Recently in British Columbia a new one has emerged, CSL: Communicating Student Learning. As a result of BC embracing a redesigned curriculum which is competency-driven it is necessary to change our ways of assessing and reporting on student learning. Now more than ever we need to communicate student learning in a way that is continuous rather than a series of separate events, that includes process and product, and provides students the opportunity to reflect. I am 100% in favour of this new direction but I have some wonders around the placement of the “C” and the “S” in this acronym.

The first time I heard about the notion of communicating student learning it sounded like a new a way of saying what we have always done around reporting…teachers communicating learning to parents. In my experience…

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